Products and Services


1. Technology 

1.1 Custom Built PC

What is the difference between Off-the-Shelf PCs and Custom PCs? You build the machine you want; no more, no less. Find out more from us about the path of building a custom PC for yourself. 

1.2 Laptops

Check out our laptop products here.

1.3 Desktops

Check out our desktop products here

1.4 Peripherals

Check out our large variety of peripheral types and features here

1.5 Accessories

Check out our desktop and laptops accessories here.

2. Interior Design 

2.1 Consultation

All you need is a little bit of professional advice. Share with us your ideal design and we will work together for a dream desk station of your own. 

2.2 Customised Furniture

The things you can create are truly endless, besides your own home. The chance of searching for furniture as per your requirement can be small. Whether you are building a chair that perfectly fits you, or a desk that solely represents you, we can make anything you have in mind. 

2.3 Design & Build New Workspace

From building your very own PCs, to building your own Workspace. It is perfectly possible at The Desk Station.

2.4 Gaming Room & Entertainment Space

Create or transform your gaming space to indulge yourself in the best gaming atmosphere. Design it any way you want and experience more comfortable and enjoyable quality time. 


What is there...?

Journey through the endless possibilities of designing and building your very own computer system. No matter the power and performance, it is yours to take home. So, be free and browse through the countless varieties of products, packages and services we offer, right here at The Desk Station