About Us

Elegance and Performance are at the heart of what we do. From the products we bring in, to the core team at The Desk Station, it is our vision to provide quality products and services personally to our clients. Providing custom built computers, individual computer parts, computer services, custom built furniture and Interior Designing of your work space are just few of the things we cater to. All in all, we are what we called an IT Designer. Plus, we are proud of it. 


To uncover the hidden design and technological possibilities for our clients.


Transparency, quality and above all, class to our clients.


We are made up of 3 brilliant people.

Brent Wong - Managing Director

Ho Ting - Tech Enthusiast

Xuan - Admin 

As much as there are only a few of us, we belong to a bigger team of professionals at L-Pine Design Pte Ltd. Thus, knowing that you are important, we have the resources to make sure that your journey with us will not just be smooth sailing, but also an enjoyable one to say the least.